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Designed for *all* Windows operating systems, Tweaki is your Swiss Army knife of utilities. Configure, secure and optimize Windows, MS Office and Internet Explorer. Add productivity enhancements like right click functions that allow you to print the contents of a folder or drive, copy a path to the clipboard -long or short, or create a new folder. Speed up Windows using the App Launch Manager or tweak the Windows interface to fit the way you work. Feature highlights include: Customize the look and feel of folders displayed in Windows Explorer Locate and disable applications and utilities that load each time your system starts up. The App Launch Manager even identifies and describes what your startup items do. Now you can make an informed decision about disabling startup items. Save complex, multi file/folder copy/move operations to a profile. Run the profile with a single mouse click. Edit the File/Open dialog of Windows and MS Office Finely adjust Windows XP's ClearType technology Validate, fix or delete your Internet Explorer Favorites Force the Add and Remove applet to also add and remove integral Windows components -like Windows Messenger. Create shortcuts to open Windows Explorer in specific folders Delete or replace files in use by the system Prevent unauthorized tampering of system settings Force a Windows 2000 style search in Windows XP Resolve URLs to an IP address and visa versa Enable Windows XP Home Edition to join a domain Tweaki's Undo feature lets you revert back to the original setting. Bold or colorize features you have modified which allows you to see at a glance what items are not set at a default value. Not only can you apply Tweaki's features to the computer Tweaki is installed upon -you can also apply them to any computer on a network. You can even apply changes to multiple computers at once. No need to install software on every computer -just connect to the computers remotely.

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